Wanted: People With Problems.

Now, here’s a real client with a real problem: Croasdaile Farm is a lovely, peaceful development, close to town. But how can they attract new home buyers to the honest advantages they offer? And, because their budget is limited and the newspaper is crowded with competitors, how do they communicate their benefits quickly and memorably?

This simple diagram will serve as our guide to solving this sticky marketing dilemma:

The strategy - Here, research and gut instinct usually work together. For instance, our experience tells us that a lot of people wish they lived in the country, yet research tells us that people in North Carolina are unwilling to commute two hours each day.

Strategy: Croasdaile Farm offers the restful atmosphere of the country to the busy, stressed-out, urban dweller.

The Advertising - There are an infinite number of ways to execute our strategy. In this case, we talk to those who have lived so long in the city that the wonderful things we used to take for granted, like the sounds of nature, are now alien to our harried, urban lives.

The campaign - Each ad emphasizes the idea that maybe you need to get in touch with a more natural way of life.

This is just one way we solved this marketing problem. We’ll show you how we solved problems for other clients, too, absolutely free.

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